This morning, the management board informed its employees about the relocation plans. CAIW had been looking for a shared location for some time, to accommodate the approximately 300 employees. The new location offers more space, and is also easier accessible by public transport and by car. 

Albert Vergeer, CEO at CAIW about the relocation;
“CAIW has expanded quite substantially these last few years and we intend to continue that trend. The new building offers plenty of space for our current ánd future employees. The accessibility of the office has therefore played an important role in our choice for this location. The excellent public transport connections ánd its accessibility by car provides us with greater access to qualified personnel.” 

Vergeer adds: “CAIW and DELTA have been collaborating since the beginning of the year to shape and realize the company’s growth ambitions together. Working under the same roof makes cooperating so much nicer from a practical point of view. Furthermore, the new office building features modern facilities and workplaces and has an open design to facilitate that cooperation.” 

As of 1 September, the company will close its current office locations one-by-one. A package of compensation provisions has been agreed upon with the works council and is part of the request for an opinion.