Fast internet for everyone in the Netherlands. Thát is the ambition of DELTA Fiber Netwerk. Not only in a city or a specific region, but also in the surrounding countryside and in rural areas. To realize that ambition, DELTA Fiber Netwerk rolls out large-scale optical fiber networks in Dutch outlying areas. And that is quite a challenge. Outlying areas are covered by trees, motorways and railways. In addition, distances in the country are approximately 30 times larger than in urban areas. This translates into a lot of digging.  

To roll out fiber-optic networks, large investments are needed. EQT Infrastructure – the investor behind DELTA Netwerk – is the main contributor. But the inhabitants are also asked for a financial contribution. This takes place in the form of a standing charge. The amount is charged next to the subscription fee for television, internet and/or telephony. During a fiber-optic campaign by DELTA Netwerk, people are asked to register. As soon as 50 percent of the dwellings in the campaign area have registered, the campaign has been successful and the rollout of the optical fibre network can commence.  

DELTA Netwerk was founded in 2015 and by now, more than 100,000 dwellings in the outlying areas have been connected to fast internet. A considerable number, spread across the Netherlands.